Do-It-Yourself with ROXUL

How To Insulate the Interior Side of a Foundation Basement Wall

DESCRIPTION :To reduce overall heating and cooling costs, insulate your interior basement foundation walls by installing a combination of two ROXUL insulation products: COMFORTBATT IS (insulation sheathing) and COMFORTBATT thermal insulation.

Step 1: Clean the surface and remove all debris from the concrete wall. Repair all cracks and seal around windows. As a best practice, add an air/moisture barrier against the bare wall.

Step 2: Fasten ROXUL COMFORTBOARD IS to the exterior concrete wall, using 4-6 concrete nails and washers per board, as needed.

Step 3:Install the 2 x 4 stud wall directly against COMFORTBOARD IS, leaving no gaps or spaces.

Step 4:Install 3.5" COMFORTBATT R15 insulation between the studs and vapour barrier where required.

Step 5:Apply drywall panels horizontally or vertically to framing. You may wish to invest in a more durable drywall that resists moisture or mold.

Need to Know: Thermal bridging describes a material's ability to transfer heat or cold from one material to another. In a basement, the wood studs acts as the "bridge". COMFORTBOARD IS reduces thermal bridging by acting as a thermal barrier between the concrete and studs.