Do-It-Yourself with ROXUL

How To Soundproof an Interior Partition Wall

DESCRIPTION: With life getting louder around the home – more televisions, computers, video games, cell phones – soundproofing is becoming a must-have requirement. ROXUL Safe 'n' Sound TM semi-rigid batts can be easily installed in all interior walls to more effectively reduce airflow and reduce sound transmission. Adding Safe 'n' Sound TM insulation to your interior walls and ceiling can also improve the resell value of your home.

Step 1: With a serrated knife, cut open the bag and remove insulation from packaging.

Step 2: Before installing, locate any obstructions, such as plumbing pipes, electrical boxes, or wires. If none exist, insert the edge the insulation against the stud, compress the product to fit, and release.

Step 3: (optional)If obstructions exist, measure where the obstruction is and use a serrated knife to score the insulation (for wires/small pipes) or cut a notch in the insulation (for larger pipes) to fit around the obstruction.

Step 4: Insert the batt to fit around the obstruction, snug to the stud. This will minimize potential noise and airflow.

Step 5: Once the batt is placed around the obstruction, insert the rest of the batt to the stud, compress the product to fit, and release.

Need to Know: ROXUL is created slightly oversized to fit neatly and snugly into a wall cavity. It won't slip or slump like other insulations will do.